Credit Card

  • Credit card debt

    Tips for staying afloat when credit card debt sets in

    In this current economic climate, it is pretty easy to understand why many people have to resort to drastic measures such as using credit cards and payday loans. This often results in individuals losing control over their finances very rapidly and spiraling towards personal bankruptcy. The main problem is...
  • Credit Card Debt

    Credit Card Debt- Handle with care

    In a layman’s knowledge, a company offering loans or initiating schemes for housing, car, and other properties owned by one is nearing the status of the Almighty. In these circumstances, one would want to exploit the best of policies offered by agencies, banks, and companies by which all the...
  • Guarantor loan

    Is my Past affecting Future Credit Applications?

    When you apply for an ‘item of credit’, whether that’s a credit card, a loan, or a mortgage it’s highly likely that you will be the subject of a credit search. The lender or provider will use the results of your credit search in order to make a decision...
  • Credit Card

    Secret Credit Card – Keeping Credit Private

    Gone are those days when credit was considered as a bad thing. We are living in an era where credit has become a part of our modern living. It is to this regard, secret credit card demands a deserving mention. The word ‘secret’ often carries some negative notes but...
  • Credit Card

    Easy Steps to Protect Yourself from Credit Card Fraud

    For most people, discovering that someone has made purchases using their credit cards without their knowledge (or authorization) is enough to fill them with panic. However, there are specific protections that can help you recover your money if you ever become a victim of card fraud. But more importantly,...
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