Tips to Save Money

How can the money be saved quite simply without it hurts? Here are the tips on how to save money is essential for all of you.

Inventory is the first step to saving

The best festive season is coming soon. You need to save a whole bunch of Dollars to buy new extra costumes. These simple tricks help you to save a lot of money every month from now on. Yes, life is expensive. But often you spend money in places where this is not necessary.

If you’re one of the women who own 5 different conditioners in the bathroom cabinet buy the 12th red tone nail polish and its wardrobe is bursting at the seams, please stop urgently. Most people have far too many things that they do not need, have in duplicate and triplicate because sometimes they cannot remember to own them or where they are stored. Unfortunately, this unholy chaos causes you to spend way too much money on new trinkets. This is not only a waste of money but also quite questionable from an ecological point of view.

A better overview helps with households

This method may seem old-fashioned but it definitely makes sense. Keep a household book. Because can you tell immediately how high your monthly mobile bill is actually or how much your library membership actually costs month after month? The fact is, everywhere is charged from your account and you often have no idea how much that is exactly. Write down your fixed costs but more importantly every coffee to go, every iTunes bill and every bun you buy on the go. This will give you a quick sense of where you could save at the end of the month. This will give you a quick sense of where you could save at the end of the month.

Save money in everyday life by less throwing away

Much of your money is spent on food. This is great as long as you invest in high quality, fresh and healthy foods and consume them as well. Unfortunately, the reality is different. According to a study, each of you throws away an average of 82 kilograms of food every year. Rather, a worrying trend that is not only in the money but is also quite reprehensible from an environmental point of view. If a yogurt was only stable until the day before yesterday according to the best before date, it does not mean that it is now lethally toxic and must land in the bin unopened. Why should a number on a lid be more reliable than your own judgment? So it is possible to throw away less food? Yes, do not waste food.

Save money when shopping

Of course, resignation is the best way to keep your house. Stupidly, buying triggers happiness in you because shopping activates the reward system and makes you so prone to impulse purchases. A good strategy to resist instead of hitting directly is to take a picture or write down the good piece and let it take you home for a week or more. Then take another look at it and be completely honest with yourself. Does the part still have the same appeal to you as it did a few days ago in the shop or have you ever forgotten it? Find your own style. This may sound trivial at first but it’s actually quite helpful in not bucking every trend and ending up with the clutter of clothes that are neither very good nor really compatible with the rest of the clothes.

Creative clothes cost zero Dollars

The pink shirt from last summer is not really your style anymore? Before you give it away or scrap it and buy something new, stop. Ever thought about tailoring something new from the good piece? Anyone who is not quite so talented in this regard, of course, can go with dye clothes. Happiness is not a question of money but it makes you happier.

Conclusion: Saving money means above all, set it aside

Set a fixed amount that you really want to deposit each month into a savings or overnight money account and that must be a top priority. It is best to pay the amount immediately at the beginning of the month to a separate account. This is more strategically clever than just covering the amount left over at the end of the month. Important is the following saving rule.

Remember the simple math, the more you consume the less you can save and on the other hand, the more you save the expenses the much your savings are. If you give yourself time, you will find that the 3 out of 8 things you have bought are of either no use, possibly bought during an offer or just to spend money or you could have not bought the items if you were guided by any helpful financial article like this one. You should understand the importance of money. It comes hardly but goes easily.