Banner Life Insurance

Banner Life Insurance’s parent company named Legal & General Group was established in 1936. Now, it is ruling as one of the highly venerable entities in the insurance field today. Banner is known for introducing policies in every state in the U.S. Its term life insurance can also be converted into a permanent policy. Let’s understand more about it in a detailed manner

What About The Prominent Insurance Coverage Types

Banner introduces two prominent sorts of life insurance policies called Term and Permanent. Each one comes up with the option of riders or add-ons allowing you to get your policy customized. In the context of basic coverage, a banner could be an ideal option to pick instead of getting indulged in complicated insurance requirements.

Term – Banner’s term policies can truly be purchased following terms up to 40 years. It is worthy to choose in case your insurance requirement gets extended well into the future. You can get your coverage customized all across your policy life. The option of child rider covering is there until the age of 25.

Permanent – Do you want life-long coverage? Go with the permanent option also called universal life since it has flexibility in the context of premium payment. The minimum interest rate also makes Banner Life Insurance high in demand.

What Makes It Worthy To Choose

Here, we are going to mention the 4 important points making banner life insurance highly popular.

The prominent reason is that reasonable insurance prices would be there. If it is compared with its contemporary companies, it is ruling over many hearts because of its cheapest term rates.

Moreover, term life is also available even for individuals who are up to age 75. If you have been hunting for an ideal insurance company catering to individuals up to age 75 then you may go with this one.

The best thing is that the option of a generous term conversion period is also there. This reputed company helps you to convert your term policy into permanent life insurance. Since this policy is convertible, it is being liked by many.

Apart from it, the option of universal life is also available for the older individual having age 85.

There is one more point that cannot be ignored while considering Banner Life Insurance there is no need to worry about the maximum coverage cap.

Have you been considering the prominent features of banner life insurance? There are many options including such as accidental death benefit rider, additional term insurance rider, children’s life insurance rider, and waiver of premium rider.

It is worthy to consider since it also gets outstanding ratings and reviews from the customers’ side. No such huge amount of complaints from customers’ side has been received till now. It also gets an excellent AM Best Rating. This company has been catering in this field for a long time and continues to do the same with equal efforts.


So, what are you waiting for? If you have been hunting for the best platform to buy an insurance company then you must go ahead.