General Insurance

Auto insurance has been compulsory since the law of February 27, 1958. Therefore, if you use to own any kind of vehicle, don’t forget to buy general insurance.

It necessitates owners to cover their motor vehicles which go on public roads, whether they are intended for the transport of people or goods. It uses to cover you for any kind of damage origin to others. The “motor vehicle liability”, being the minimum required by law, the insurer that has caused the injury is liable to reparation or compensation through their insurance.

One can also speak of a “third-party guarantee”. It constitutes a basic cover against material damage, physical damage, or any accidental damage that may occur suddenly. Third-party insurance is a cheaper way to pay for car insurance.

Who is this type of formula mainly for?

If you be uncertain in your preference and in your search for the finest possible insurance, that will best suit your needs, here are some suitable profile tracks, which will help you in your future choice:

  • You have a used vehicle
  • You own an old car
  • You only use your car irregularly
  • You are a juvenile driver

If you be familiar with yourself in one of these topics, you can consider taking out a third party auto insurance contract.

What other guarantees?

As there used to be more than a few cases of damage, the insured might contain in his contract other warranties which are optional, but necessary. It can be a guarantee which covers the driver in the event of an accident or a guarantee which he benefits in the event of theft, fire, or glass breakage. Insurance parties use to be diversifying their contributions to meet all anticipations in auto insurance. The “all dangers” happens to be an offer that comprises almost every kind of guarantee!

Why choose an all-risk insurance contract?

If you have the means necessary to allow you to sign an all-risk auto insurance contract, here are the advantages that it will bring you:

  • You will benefit from better guarantees: clearly, you will be insured better!
  • If you just have bought a new car or have a high-end vehicle, it is better not to take any risks.

How much can it cost to take out an insurance company?

Insurance costs depend on several factors. First, for drivers with less than three years of experience or after three years of insurance default, a premium will be applied to the subscription for the next two years. It can range from 100% maximum of the basic contribution for third party insurance and 50% in the second year if the insured has not had an accident. This will be canceled in the third year, provided that the insured has not committed any responsible accident.

Next, the car to be insured and its type of use are also decisive. For new cars with high value, powerful cars with high-speed capacity as well as for cars used daily in a profession, the premiums are much higher, since the risks are evaluated as being greater than the average.

Finally, the traffic area could also determine the rates of auto insurance. Large cities are considered to be more exposed to possible accidents.

Simulation: what interest?

To find reasonable rates, one can compare offers through online comparators. These sites give general information concerning the different types of insurance, as well as coverages of all kinds, according to the formula to which the client wishes to subscribe. All kinds of insurers can be assessed, as well as prices and products. To do this, you must go online to complete a free form, by entering your contact details and the type of insurance sought. Then, the site will establish a list of offers that match your criteria.

To lower the cost of insurance, it is important to choose the right formula that suits you, and to reduce the cover taken out according to your needs.

To find the right insurance online, you need a good comparator! If you want to make a simulation to insure your vehicle, you can go through a site like ours, Caroom, to make your request for a quote online later and determine which offer best meets your expectations.

Do not hesitate to use our car insurance comparator completely free of charge and know all the rates online, which will allow you to see more clearly between the different options available to you.

To conclude

Now that you are up to date on the risks involved in case of non-compliance with the law, do not forget that any new or used car purchased, requires in addition to vehicle insurance, a request for a registration certificate to be completed as soon as possible! Having an insurance comparison will bring you all the chances of paying a cheaper quote.