Credit Card

Gone are those days when credit was considered as a bad thing. We are living in an era where credit has become a part of our modern living. It is to this regard, secret credit card demands a deserving mention. The word ‘secret’ often carries some negative notes but in this case, it is just the opposite.

Everyone likes to maintain secrecy about his/her financial condition. You may not like friends, foes, relatives, or employers to discover that you have obtained credit. You may want to own a property or run a business or buy a luxury car or even like to purchase a precious gift for you near and dear one. Whatever be the purpose of getting credit, you need to proceed slowly and prudently.

The objective of obtaining a secret credit card is to maintain secrecy about one’s financial details. Keeping everything private regarding financial status is a basic right everyone is entitled to enjoy if he/she wishes so. Most of the lending institutions offer secret credit cards. And according to banking law, you are required to provide different levels of security and privacy while getting a secret credit card. And there are several things you can ask for but the paperless bill is the first among them.

According to law, credit companies are obliged to provide a paperless bill. Now, this is of great advantage for the borrowers who do not like their financial records to be the open pages of a book. If you are going for a paperless bill, then online service provided by the credit companies will allow you to view your bill. And for that, you need to have access to your PC and internet. In this technology-dominated age, you will not have much trouble in getting an internet connection.

The second thing while asking for credit is very much important. You must request your secret credit card service provider not to call you at home or office or business address. However, you are required to provide a contact number and in that case, give the number of your personal mobile.

Card delivery is also an important issue to keep everything private while you are going for a secret credit card. Suppose the card reaches your home or office address! What will happen? Well, your secret credit card will no longer be a secret.

Secret credit card benefits you in multiple ways and is the best bet when you do not like to divulge your financial secret. But then, a higher level of security identification is required to initiate credit card issuing. The necessary details for security identification such as driver’s license, birth certificate, etc. need to be produced if you are taking a pick from a place other than your residential address.

Advantage 1: buy insurance

If you pay with your credit card your purchase is automatically insured. Does your camera fail during your holiday, do you accidentally throw a glass over your new e-reader or do you stick with your new coat somewhere? With the purchase insurance, you get money back.

Advantage 2: delivery guarantee

Buying on the internet has boomed in recent years. Delivery people drive around all day to deliver packages. Are your purchase not delivered or is your order broken on delivery? Then you are entitled to a delivery guarantee when you have paid with your credit card. If the supplier does not want to send a new product, then you simply get your money back.

Advantage 3: handy on a journey

The credit card is your best travel companion abroad. It may sound strange, but outside there are few countries where the debit card is so popular. If you do not have cash in your pocket, a credit card is a godsend. With toll gates, international bookings, and foreign online shops it is often necessary.

In order not to be dependent on your debit card, it is always advisable to have a second payment option in your pocket. Research shows that use abroad is the main reason for credit card ownership. About 67% indicate that the credit card is mainly for holidays and business trips.

Advantage 4: online payment

Do you often buy at your favorite shop, If you have an account, enter your credit card details once? The big advantage is that you do not have to do it again every time. With iDeal, you are often referred to the login page of your bank and you have to go through the same steps over and over again. You do not have to worry about someone taking off your data because you will receive a unique security code on your mobile with every payment.

Advantage 5: extra spending

Even though we do not recommend building structural debts, sometimes it’s just handy to have some extra money on hand. A credit card gives that extra space because only once a month is settled.

If you buy something on the 20th of the month, you will only receive the bill around the 30th. You do not have to worry about paying interest. If you refund the invoice on time, no costs will be charged. This applies to all credit cards. It is best to have your expenses written down automatically so that you cannot forget it.