Trading on Mobile

Trading using mobile has become a trend that many people are adapting to. The top operating systems that are used are Android and iOS. About 99% of mobile users in the forex use these two options. So, which of the two should you pick when you want to trade online? This is a rather subjective decision because it will end up on personal preference. However, some factors can guide your choice.

Trading on mobile devices?

Even before we highlight the differences between the two top operating systems, you should have an idea about the increase in mobile trading. Many traders prefer using mobile devices because of the following reasons:

  • They allow you to trade conveniently at any time
  • They have simpler interfaces
  • You can monitor your investments anywhere at any time.

The benefits are endless, and both iPhone and Android devices share these benefits. Even with these benefits top traders still prefer to download MT4 for PC for a smooth trading experience. Let’s explore the differences between these two major operating systems for users who prefer mobile trading.

What differentiates iPhone from Android in trading

Here are factors that you should be keen on as they are the only ones that might differentiate the two top operating systems for trading forex on mobile devices.

Screen size

The most important factor that differentiates iPhone and Android devices when transacting online is screen size. This is an important factor because it enhances the kind of experience that you have when trading. The ideal screen size would be anything that ranges from 5.5 inches upward.

Looking at this factor, Android phones are far much better because a majority of high-end smartphones have large screen sizes. You can find the latest version of iPhone devices that have bigger screen sizes.

Processor speed

You need a mobile phone with a good processing speed to be able to trade swiftly. In terms of speed, iPhone has consistency. If you are using Android, you have to get the latest device in the market to be able to enjoy good processing speeds.

Battery life

Online trading consumes a lot of battery power. You need a mobile device that has good battery life. This is a factor that differentiates the two top operating systems. Android has a series of devices with different battery lives. If you are to use the latest Android, you will get the best battery life that can sustain your trading activities. iPhone also has a stable battery but cannot compare with the latest android devices. The only drawback of android is the lack of consistency because of the wide range of mobile devices.

Internal storage

Because of the inconsistency of android phones, iPhone has an edge when you are using internal storage as a factor of consideration. You need good internal storage to accommodate a good trading platform. For you to get a good android phone, it has to be the latest version.

Final verdict

From these differences, the apparent concern is the inconsistency of android devices, which might spill to be a major security concern. You have to get the best android device in the market to match the consistency that iPhone has. Otherwise, both operating systems can be used to enhance your trading activities.