Make Money Online

Many people find it terrible to have to promote. Do you not mind this at all and are you good at it? Then you can start a company for online business.

Would you like to have your own company? If you have your own company, you decide when you work and of course what kind of work you do. Does this sound good to you, but you have no idea what kind of company you want to start?

1. Web store

Would you also like to start a web store? Then here are the options.

2. Online business

Do you still live pre-internet?

No, of course not, otherwise you will not read this article. The internet offers an enormous amount of opportunities. You can start an online business today.

3. Set up the administration office

Are you good with numbers and do you want to earn money with this? Then this is also possible. Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to set up their own administration and then keep it up to date. If you set up your own administration office, you can earn money by taking over the administration of entrepreneurs. Only focus on entrepreneurs, because private individuals do not provide enough work.

4. Cleaning company

If you focus on companies, you could still specialize in a certain niche, for example, that you only clean at dental practices.

5. Broker

A real estate agent helps people find their ideal home and helps people who already have a house to sell this house as quickly as possible. You do need the training to become a broker, but if you have this paper in your pocket you can immediately start your own broker office.

6. Repair service

Are you very handy and do you enjoy tinkering with electronic devices?

Then you can also earn your money with this. Set up a repair service and you can make money by repairing other people’s electronic devices.

Good to know: online there are all sorts of manuals to repair devices that you can use within your company.

7. Hairdressing salon

In a hairdressing salon, it is always busy and this is simply because people always have to go to the hairdresser, even when the economy is not doing as well. Do you like to be busy with cutting and cutting and are you interested in the latest trends in hairstyles? Then you can also start for yourself by setting up a hairdresser’s salon.

8. Travel Consult

You may know a lot about travel, but not everyone has that much travel experience. A travel consultation helps people with less travel experience to book the perfect vacation or long journey. Certainly, if you prefer nothing more than traveling, this is the perfect job for you. As a travel consultant, you have to make regular trips.

9. Marketing consultant

Do you know everything about online and offline marketing? Then you can also start for yourself by becoming a freelance marketing consultant. Many companies do not use a permanent marketing employee at the office but hire an external marketing consultant for marketing advice.

10. Translator

If you speak a certain language fluently, you can also earn money with it. You can not only become an interpreter, but you can also choose to translate texts. From Dutch to the foreign language, but also the other way around. You can become a translator if you speak English or German, but also if you speak French, Spanish, Polish, Italian or even Chinese.

11. Courier service

You like to drive a car and you would like to earn money with this. In this case you can start a courier service. You transport things for individuals or companies and you earn money with this. You are comfortable on the road, you work in a different working environment every day and you meet new people every day.

12. Writer

Then you can also earn money with this. If your book is published, you can become very rich just like that. Think of a good idea for a story, approach a few publishers and you will automatically see where the ship is stranded.

13. Window decoration company

Many homes are equipped with window decorations. Do you know a lot about window decoration and do you enjoy selling and installing window decoration? Then you can start your own window decoration company. You do not only give sales advice about window decoration, but you also apply window decoration.

14. Employment agency

You can also choose to put other people to work with your company. If you know a lot about hiring and hiring workers, you can start an employment agency. You can start a general employment agency, but also an employment agency for a specific target group or within a certain industry.

15. Pest control company

Do you know exactly how to combat all types of vermin? Then you can help other people with this. If you start a pest control company, you earn money by fighting the annoying pests at other people’s homes. It not only makes you rich, but it also feels good to fight pests.


Many people don’t know, but you can earn a lot of money with your own blog. Certainly, if you have a lot of readers on your blog, your website is attractive to advertisers. If you know how to attract advertisers, you can turn your blog into your main income and even become rich with it.