Personal Finance Apps

Today here is the best applications are presented to you so you can keep all your personal finances up to date from your smartphone with Personal Finance Apps.

Control your personal expenses and your home finances easily and quickly or even keep track of your business with these incredible applications.

These mobile applications will help you to balance accounts and be more aware of your finances. Some of these Personal Finance Appsuse to be completely free, others are paid. Let’s see what each of them offers you…


Finerio is the first automated personal finance application. It is a development that managed to win an award as the best entrepreneurship initiative in the country. This app allows you to create budgets in various categories. It gives you the possibility to set an expense limit and, through graphs, shows you when you have exceeded yourself.

Perhaps the most important feature is that it is automated and focused on regular habits. Automatically classify your expenses and income when you enter them manually, saving you time to record your movements. If you decide so, you can link your credit or debit cards so that all your expenses and income are automatically classified.

Accounting Record

It is an app with a good design in which you can record your expenses in cash, in types of accounts (savings, investments, etc.), credit cards. You can see your expenses weekly, monthly and a balance of what you have budgeted and what you spent. In addition, it displays other statistical data.

Cost control

It is a complete app to keep track of income. You can create an account with different banks and record income and expenses. You can categorize your expenses. Allows setting currency format. It allows you to put a limit on your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses. You can create frequent spending templates.

Money Manager

It is an app that is characterized by its simplicity. Essentially it allows you to record expenses and income. You can choose and create various categories of expenses or income to identify them. Also, it makes the subtraction of income fewer expenses. Show graphics (even per day). You can put reminders to target an expense on the day.

Control expenses

A very simple application that shows income and expenses. It has many categories and allows you to put additional notes. Show a calendar. Show graphics. It has basic options, but its usability is not the best you can find.


It is one of the most advanced mobile applications created on the market. It is a free application for Android and iOS that allows the management of all your accounts and financial products grouped on your own mobile. All the data of the bank accounts and cards are synchronized so that with this application you will receive notice of any movement that occurs. It allows you to plan and categorize each expense, establish all kinds of alerts such as to notify you of upcoming payments, to be notified about the collection of commissions, or if an overdraft occurs in your story.

Toshl Finance

It is a great application to manage our personal finances day by day, available for Android and iOS. Its design is very careful and allows you to create budgets for various periods of time (monthly, weekly, daily, etc.) and if you have a surplus of any month, you can transfer it to the budget for the following period. It also warns of expenses and income and the most interesting thing is that you can export all the data to Excel, Word, Google Docs, Text File, and PDF.


Sometimes it happens, the end of the month arrives and one asks: What have I spent my money on? To keep your expenses under control, this app organizes and organizes income and expenses as they have been produced, making an analysis of them. It is a free and very easy-to-use application available for both iPhone and Android.


Available for iOS at a cost of 1.79 euros, it is free for Android. It allows you to customize the tool and establish categories of expenses and income. You can include reminders and alerts that indicate when the budget is exceeded or when superfluous expenses are being made. The most interesting thing is its graphs and tables that allow you to know your finances in a much more visual way.


It is an app only available for Android. It allows like others to make a daily record of our expenses in order not to spend more than the account. The best of this app is in its currency converter that can be quite useful if you travel. In addition, you can export the data of the monitoring of our expenses to an HTML file or as CSV (to work from Excel).

Conclusion: Settle Up

This application is interesting for group finances, such as when organizing an event or act in which payment is required by several people, it is always a “hassle” to know who has paid and how much. The application creates a table showing all the payments so there are no doubts. It is free for both Android and iOS.