Marriage and Money

Getting married is probably one of the happiest and great moments of our lives. It not only comes with a bigger responsibility but also comes with promises and compromises. If you are getting married then the first thing that comes in your mind that are you ready to do so? Either it could be mentally or financially or may be in both ways you should be ready. If marriage is a social responsibility then also it is a financial responsibility. Often we get ready for marriage but we are not ready financially.

Even it is not seen soon after or within 2-3 years you get married. Either you want to get married and do not know about your financial stability or you get married and after a time span you face the financial obligations. Marriage and money both are the terms that we often unseen. It is not just a bunch of legal paper works you do to get laid with your partner. Instead you need to know that how he/she sees your financial ability before making the partnership legal.

According to a worldwide report, it shows that 27%-37% newly married relationship end in divorce only due to financial reasons where 45%-55% relationship end in divorce after 5-7 years of their relationship due to the same reason.

Conversation is must: money and couple

For any relationship a proper conversation is must. Before your marriage or after your marriage a proper conversation is needed to know each other very well. How both of you are going to start a new future that should be your initiative. How you will save your money, how you will contribute your money for a healthy family, how much both of you will be going to contribute for the family and finance, how you will draw your future plan, your honeymoon, planning a baby, good education, savings, insurance, retirement plan etc. There is so much to discuss with. Just follow your partner how he/she responds and give suggestions accordingly. Will he/she be your friend who will help you to a new start or just need everything from you?

Survey says a lot

Money and marriage are both related where money has the main influence to make your marriage successful. Money can make your marriage life going smooth or even worst. Nearly five out of eleven couples are agreed that they have a smooth financial discussion with their partners. Many more think that money is an important factor and equally 20% couples are disagreed to this factor. Money management style is an important step that a couple should take. 70% couples work to resolve the differences and quickly move on. About 43% couple’s even happiest ones agreed that they clash once in a month regarding financial problems regarding unnecessary purchases, child education, home loan or spending habits.

How to start a conversation

You sit down, take your partner’s hand and tell him/her, “My love, we need to talk about cash flow,” this may not be your most romantic wedding dream, but it could be the most useful. As people who use dating sites know, what you see is not always what you get. Find out if your partner is in debt, has financial responsibilities from their past, or simply has different spending habits than you can avoid surprises after the honeymoon.

These discoveries could even prevent the sinking of a future marriage if they lead the couple to seriously discuss monetary issues, or seek to resolve them before they get out of control. You need to be a good friend rather than a partner. Only then you will be able to find out the exact way.

Top 5 things to understand intentions

• Need to understand that either your partner is well aware to your financial situations? If yes then feel free to discuss it further. If not then let it know to see how he/she reacts. Is it more difficult to talk or easy.

• You need to draw a sketch that how much is your income and how much is your expenses. According to that is he/she responds? Look at his/her spending habits. Can it be reduced or increasing?

• If both of you are working then how good is your savings plan? Sacrificing enough to make a home sweet home? You need to listen to the comments regarding bills, expenses, including any debt if you have so.

• Does your partner have any savings without let you know? If yes then you need to know the reason. Is it an emergency fund or a saving for later use or for his/her personal use?

• Financial stability is very important for a marriage. Need to plan accordingly with your partner regarding growing up your success.

These are a few small tips that will help you to know your partner’s intentions regarding money and marriage.

Conclusion: romance or finance

We need both of them in our lives. Romance is something we live for and finance is something we work for. You need to study articles, magazines or even consulting with your friend or your parent. Consumer debt is one of the possible reasons for ruining a parried life.

Money and marriage should be dealing with proficiency. One can bring prosperity and another can bring problems. Too much debt, high expenses, no saving, no emergency fund, reckless life causes stress in their married life.