Save money

When withdrawing cash at the ATM you feel bad every time? You should stop immediately because there are so many simple ways to save money every month and all without any waiver.

Financial Perspective

You can save a lot of money simply by keeping an eye on your finances. This not only means checking your bank statements regularly for unwanted debits but also to keep a budget book. Make a note of all fixed costs and additional expenses every month, every coffee, every online bill and every roll at the bakery. Only in this way can you get a feeling for what you spend for what and where you can save in the long term. You should know your unexpected savings potential. Do you belong to the people who constantly have to buy new things because they have so much stuff that they have completely lost track and cannot find anything anymore? The less you own, the easier it is not just to keep order but the more insignificant is the desire to constantly buy new things.

Planning Meals

You invest a large part of your money in street foods which is fine as long as they are predominantly fresh and healthy food. However, anyone who thinks only until the next meal and buys accordingly will certainly throw away much of it untouched. To prevent food waste and also to save your own wallet you should therefore regularly get an overview of your pantry and plan your meals every week.

Clever Traveling

To travel the world, you do not have to pay a fortune. Who organizes well in advance and can do without the great luxury even with little money everywhere. Cheap alternatives to the hotel include couch surfing, youth hostels or working in exchange for food and lodging for a few hours. If you are really spontaneous you can challenge your luck at the airport with blind booking and benefit from extremely favorable special rates for flights and hotels.

Every month the same game

The salary is transferred, you are financially well placed again but at the end of the month, there is again low tide in the purse. Many people have the problem that despite regular incomes they can keep their money very badly together and there can be no talk of saving. And when an unexpected payment snows into the house, be it an urgent car repair or a dentist’s treatment you have to borrow money and in case of doubt, even accumulate debts. Many people have the feeling that they are not so bad at earning money but still can barely make ends meet with their money. Even if the money is enough for the monthly expenses there is hardly anything left to save.

So you invest money in designer clothes, expensive watches, sports cars or a luxury apartment because that feels good for you. By contrast, many people do not like to deal with things that trigger negative emotions. These often include insurance, pensions or the fine print on contracts. However, those who do not deal with these topics run the risk of experiencing long-term negative emotions because they have not considered or overlooked important aspects.

Possibly suffers then in old age under poverty or a supposedly favorable contract turns out to be very expensive by follow-up costs. Therefore it is better to keep order in these things and to be thorough. Often, this is not so bad once you start sorting and understanding your contracts.

Be prepared for impulses

In theory, you can create the best savings plan in the world but in practice, life often comes in between. Maybe your favorite team wins at the last minute or you’re looking forward to a promotion. You have to celebrate this and you are already on the way to an expensive spontaneous purchase. Always remember your costs. Therefore, be prepared for such impulses and set firm rules for yourself. This may include rethinking a purchase for 48 hours. You also protect yourself if you only have a certain amount of cash and no debit or credit card with you when you go out. That way, you’ll need to rethink a purchase and make it conscious. It is not about consuming any more but about careful handling of buying impulses.

Conclusion: Make saving a game

Many things in life work better if you manage to conceive them as a kind of game. Covering money is perfect for getting measurable results. Challenge yourself, how quickly do you manage to cover a certain amount? How much can you save a month or a week? If you playfully use it, you will awaken your ambition. In addition, you always feel good when you reach a destination. Try to outdo yourself in saving. Of course, you can also look for an ally and save money together that too can cheer you on.