Financial crisis

The world economy seems to have taken a nosedive. Everyone is more or less affected due to this endemic crisis. Millions of families are suffering from the malignant economic slowdown. Troubles loom large in the case of the unemployed. It is really a wonder how they manage to make both ends meet. Fortunately, something can be done to improve their condition.

What is the better way than finding a job to earn a living? But it is really tough to get a suitable one especially when a large group of corporate houses is posting a poor performance. However, you must not give up trying and there is no alternative to struggling hard. Opportunities are sure to come your way if you put in the effort for five days to get a job. Until and unless you grab an offer, it is better to live on a frugal budget. Also important is to take a hard look at your finances as long as you are not drawing a monthly figure.

At this point, you may also think to get financial help from a reliable source. The government doles out ‘help for the unemployed’ but the amount may not be adequate to meet your needs, especially when prices of everything are galloping. So, what to do? Will it be justified to beg of your family members and friends? Sometimes, we have no way but to do it. But it should be a special case for example when we need a cosmic amount to embark on a venture. And remember that they may also be in turmoil as nobody seems to be immune to financial penury nowadays.

First think about making a good budget plan. This time, your budget should be stripped of unnecessary expenses. There are some necessities you cannot do without. Restrict your spending only on those items. Everyone has a limit to spend. And for your case, this ceiling is lower. So you need to be an extra bit careful not to cross over this budget boundary. And what about your phone bill and a smoking habit? They consume much of your estimated expenses. Stop smoking, it is injurious to your physical and economic health alike. However, you retain the license for occasional booze. Do not go on talking over a mobile unless it is some serious talk.

What about if you want to open a new business and have no money to make a good start? Well, in that case, you can apply for loans. However, ask a wealthy friend or family member if he/she is willing to offer monetary assistance. If you do not get any positive response, approach a lender to get financial help. Yes, you have to repay the loan along with interest but by that time, you will also find a strong foothold on the business platform.

Start at a young age

When you start at a young age you can make the best use of the phenomenon of compound interest! Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it deserves it … He who does not understand … pays it. The phenomenon of compound interest becomes better with the years. The longer the phenomenon can ‘work’ the more money it can bring you.

What about the principle of compound interest? Every year your basic amount will top up capital with the interest you earn on that amount. The following year you earn interest on the total amount, being the basic amount plus the interest of last year. And so on. In other words, interest also yields interest. And then it can go fast, especially if you start early and find a formula to score a decent interest rate.

Moreover, starting at a young age means more than just taking advantage of the compound interest. You are going to grow an effortless habit in this way. In the longer term, starting at a young age means a large monetary difference when reaching the retirement age.

Depending on the prevailing interest rates, the types of investments, and the age at which you start, the difference with someone who starts ten years later can amount to tens of thousands of dollars.


Most millionaires have built their assets by investing and not by carrying out a job every day. Starting at a young age means that your investments have years of time to grow. In this way, you also benefit optimally from the powerful phenomenon of compound interest. In addition, investing is not as difficult as most people seem to care about. You can do it yourself or let yourself be guided, regardless of the sector in which you wish to invest. For example, investing in real estate is not super difficult. But it is also not super easy. It is hard work. But if the bill is correct, it is hard work that pays well!

Conclusion: Read and keep learning

Experts advise to read and think more and do less than most business people. We do this because we love such a lifestyle. But we have turned this weird habit into positive results for ourselves. We insist that we have a lot of time every day to sit down and think. This is very unusual in American business life. We read and think about it. The message may be clear: Read every day. And do you know who still reads a lot? The answer is every other successful investor.