commodity trading services

Commodity Trading in India is of fairly recent origin but has picked up sharply in the last few years. Today as a commodity trader, you can take buy and sell positions in various agricultural commodities as well as precious metals. Trust line also offers you the advantage of Online Commodity Trading, where you can execute your commodity orders at the click of a button on your computer or your smart phone. Our online commodity trading combine the best of trading ideas, robust technology and a user-friendly interface.

Commodity trading services tend to reduce your overall risk as they are not correlated like equities. Thus your risk in equities can be offset partially if you also trade in commodities. Our Online Commodity Trading Service will give you the best of our ideas, research, advice, technology and user interface.

How can you trade the commodity markets?

Like in the equity markets, structured commodity finance markets also have different category of participants. There are long term investors who take a long-term view on gold, silver or on other agricultural products. Then there are traders who will look to profit on short term price movements and reaction to news. There are hedgers who are typically large corporate and commodity traders who are looking to offset their price risk in the physical commodity market. There is also the arbitrageur who looks for spreads between the spot market and the futures market to lock in profits. Lastly, the speculator is a key player in the market as he keeps the market liquid by providing “buy and sell” quotes for small profits. You can choose whatever suits above while availing our Online Commodity Trading Services.

Why Choose us Online Commodity Trading Services – Products on Offer

Trust line’s Online Commodity Trading Services cover the complete gamut of commodity trading. Firstly, our commodity trading platform offers you the facility to trade on Bullion, Metals, Agro commodities and energy on both the principal exchanges; MCX and NCDEX. Our risk management systems will ensure that our Online Commodity Trading Service will give you enough leverage to trade freely without over stretching yourself. We also offer customized advice and trading packages for the different categories of participants in the market like traders, speculators, investors, arbitrageurs etc.

Our Online Commodity Trading Service has a very Robust Technology Platform

Our robust technology is reflected on the advisory and the execution side. With investments in technology and hardware, we ensure downtime at the bare minimum. We offer a single point access interface for our entire Online Commodity Trading Services offering. The Online Commodity Trading platform is compatible with multiple interfaces like PC, Smart Phone, and Tablets etc. Our website also offers access to advanced models, tomes and charting to empower you to make more informed decisions while dealing in commodities.

To summarize, our Online Commodity Trading Service offering will give you a few distinct advantages:

• Top-of- the-line online interface with inbuilt solid risk management systems

• Research, ideas and advise to enable you to make the best of our Online Commodity Trading Service

• Brokerage plans that are tailor-made for your specific requirements

• Value for money offering on Online Commodity Trading Services