Christmas in the UK

December 25th, Christmas day is a public holiday in the UK. The entire population of the UK celebrates its time, decorates houses, exchange gifts, and enjoys wonderful meals with family and friends. Except for the emergency section, all are on holiday even public transport is not in regular time. The houses, markets, and other public places, everywhere you will find beautiful decorations.

Traditionally it is Jesus Christ’s birth celebration. From a business point of view, this is an important occasion for all business organizations such as hotels, restaurants, gift shops, garments, food products, electronic goods, etc. in other words there is a hope of big market for all most all business sectors. So all want to attract customers in their own unique way. However, if we want to prepare the expenditure chat of Christmas in the UK then almost half of the population enjoy their time on credit.

As per a certain survey, about 46 percent of people used credit cards, store cards, payday loans, etc for their Christmas shopping. On an average per head expenses are about £300. However, most of the citizens will agree that they feel pressure for these expenses though it is a different issue that we all eagerly wait for this occasion throughout the year. Even there is around 12 percent of people who used unauthorized bank overdrafts including some personal borrowing like from family or friends.

It is the general inflation that hikes the cost of living whether it is about food products or different rejuvenate options everywhere you can find the effect of inflation. So people have to compromise either with the quantity or quality of their purchased items. About 48 percent choose to reduce the quantity in order to maintain their budget.

As per the statistics about 50 percent of the population has to borrow, no matter whether you choose the credit card or personal loan option that fact is not at all pleasing. The most difficult thing is, there is no symptom of any whip on inflation that means before entering into 2017 we have already the burden of credit. Though certain banks said that most numbers of people are in a way of paying back their debts. However, experts believe we are still far from an economical sound period.

As per the executive director of Consumer’s Association Richard Lloyd, said: “Most of us like to splash out on family and friends at this time of year so the news that millions of people have drastically cut back on Christmas spending or taken out loans to cover Christmas costs shows just how squeezed household budgets are right now.

“It also shows how far we are from a consumer spending-led economic recovery.”

Nine out of ten families choose the cost-cutting option but then also the total expenses on the market are more than last year, which clearly defines inflation.

Limit your expenses while keeping the magic of Christmas, it is possible! Keep in mind that the main thing is to be together in conviviality whether with family and/or friends. A small budget can be enough for this end of the year to end in style. Little tips to help you.

Stay ahead of your Christmas expenses

The 3 keys to achieving savings: anticipation, the definition of a budget to hold, and finally organization to spread them over time. The advantage of getting there early is that you will have the time to compare prices, watch for promotions, and find the right deal. Another advantage, if you order on the Internet, you are sure to be delivered before the holidays.

Organize for the festive meal

Practical little planner for your useful purchases at the Christmas meal:

You can think about your menu, the number of guests, look at recipes, and start buying non-perishable goods that you can store. For big meals with family or friends, agree to find out who is doing what and divide the tasks, for example by having the dish to prepare and let others bring in the starters and desserts.

If you want to serve fresh and cooked products by the minute, remember to book your fishmonger, butcher, or caterer what you need. If it does not matter to you not to charge your guests, buy it immediately and keep in the freezer.

Christmas gifts

The “DIY” (“Do It Yourself” for “do it yourself” in French) is more and more trendy. A personalized gift will be very pleasant to the person to whom you offer it but also to your wallet. Even without being too manual, you will find a multitude of tutorials and videos on the Internet, dedicated applications, and social networks to give you ideas and make yourself.

Party decoration

Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. At this time, magazines are full of decorating ideas. Do not be too complicated, go easy, or what you can do. You can make your own table decoration yourself. You will find in nature (pine cones, fir branches) sources of inspiration that will allow you to have an original decoration without paying a dime.

A participative party

The union is a strength but also allows to lower prices. So you can organize a common pot for the participation of the meal, make a draw to know who makes a gift to whom, this will allow everyone to be spoiled by limiting the expense for each.

Wholesale purchase for gifts

If you group together to buy wholesale and thus limit shipping costs. You designate a purchasing captain who gets the orders.

Final Thoughts for You

Buy the products that are kept as short as fruits and vegetables to keep them cool. Do not wait too long for fear of finding yourself in the hustle and bustle of shopping and last-minute shopping. If you have the adventurous soul, you can also do very good business the same day or the day before when the merchants wish to sell their stock.