Secured Financial Life

It is becoming troublesome to live a tension free life during the situation of this economic crisis. On one hand, you feel the fear of losing your job due to the credit crunch or inflation troubles and on the other hand, maintaining a good lifestyle turning costlier day by day. You need to maintain a house, a family, a lifestyle and so many things with the salary you get. When the expenses are increasing but the salary remaining the same, you must try for the ways where cost-cutting can be done. Well, for living a tension free and stable financial life cost-cutting in this situation of economic crisis can give you relaxation. Therefore, here are the things that you can plan up for your better future.

  • Your electricity bill is the most unavoidable thing that no matter what you do or where you stay you get to pay. However, you can save a great amount of money on it. Switch off your electrical appliances whenever you are not at home. Use power-saving lights. Buy electrical appliances after seeing the stars, because more stars mean more power-saving ability. This will definitely bring your budget for paying the electricity bill down.
  • Stop buying things in plenty of amounts. It will definitely stop you from wasting things. Maybe its clothes or other food items, you can buy them whenever you need them. Therefore, do not dump them by buying them in numbers. It will definitely help you save from your monthly budget.
  • Stop taking your car out for going a little distance. You can walk it or you can take other public transports. It will save your petrol charges and reduce your expenses. While standing on the signals, do not forget to off your engine. You will definitely see that it is reducing the usages of petrol.
  • You can go for remortgaging your existing loan amount. Yes, by remortgaging your house loan, you can reduce the installment amount you are paying to reduce your financial burdens. However, you need to hire a conveyancer to make it happen in the right way. You can go online to compare the conveyancing fees available to get someone in your budget.

Therefore, what are waiting for? Go for exercising the above-mentioned tips into reality now and see how it helps you reduce your expenses, so that you can plan up a secured financial life no matter how degrading the situation is outside.

The 8 easiest ways to save money

Whether you save for a wonderful trip, renovations to your home or just waiting for a while for that perfect handbag, it is always useful to save a bit without losing your lifestyle. In these 10 simple ways, it really works.

1. Save on Your Home

Rent or a loan is often a big expense. You can save on this by living smaller, but that is of course drastic. Do you have an extra room free? Then you might consider taking a roommate home. That creates extra income.

2. Save on Your Transport

Transport also often takes a huge cost. Try to take your bike or walk as much as possible, good for your health and your wallet. Public transport is often cheaper than in the car. Still, with the car, consider carpooling with your colleagues. And watch your driving style: try to maintain a constant speed and do not drive excessively hard and make sure your tires have the right tension. Also, insurance takes a large cost to: compare different insurers and negotiate the price.

3. Save on Free Time

Go to the library instead of buying books or exchange your read books with friends. You can also save on sports by running more often instead of taking an expensive fitness plan. Cozy outing with friends Saves by organizing a pleasant evening at home with delicious snack dishes, instead of going to a restaurant. Or even better: go for a walk together: good for the line and to chat with. Here you can read why walking is so healthy.

4. Save on Travel

Practice! Fortunately, you do not have to cancel a trip to save on your holiday budget. Search the internet for good promotions and preferably take your vacation in low season: it is nice and quiet in the hotel and it is much cheaper, spoken of win-win. You can also save a lot of money if you book extra early or fly in the middle of the week instead of during a weekend.

5. Save on Clothes

Self sew your clothes or buy anything new is not necessarily money to save on clothing. But here again, applies: look at promotions and maybe wait for the sales. A gigantic wardrobe, but nothing to do about it, Sell still solid pieces via the internet. Or keep a ‘ clothes swap ‘ with friends. Everyone brings clothes that they no longer wear and you can exchange.

6. Save on Telephone Costs

Your phone bill can also mean a serious bite from your budget. First and foremost, check whether you have the GSM subscription that is really suitable for you and whether another provider offers nothing better. Are you sitting on the Wi-Fi at home or at work? Then use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger to send text messages. Skype or Facetime (for iPhone) is perfect for calling. No more fixed telephone required, see if you can delete it in your subscription. Leave your phone on a regular basis, this photo series shows how addicted we are to our smartphone.

7. Save on Food and Drinks

Never go shopping with an empty stomach, in the meantime very cliché, but really true. Making a list can be useful and discount coupons can also save a lot. Go to a permanent store and take out a customer card. In addition, A-brands are not required for certain products. You often find them not at eye level, but above or below. Make your own coffee. A good coffee nowadays quickly costs 3 to 5 dollars, so you can calculate how much you will. Cooking is cheaper than going to a restaurant, so keep restaurant visits for special occasions and bring a home-made lunch to work.

8. Save on Money Matters

A bit strange, but also on money matters you can save. For example, a credit card is very useful, but often, if you pay in installments, high interest is charged. Moreover, you can choose between a credit card and a bank card when making online purchases, credit cards are often charged extra. Have you had a home loan for years? Now that the interest rates are so low it is certainly useful to have them reviewed by the bank, also make sure that all your insurance policies are bundled with one broker or insurance agent. You often get discounts because you have a package, and it is also useful if you have a claim.