Workers Comp Claim Denied

After being injured while on the job, you might be relying on workers compensation to help cover your lost wages and any medical treatments and care that you might need. Because of how much you might be relying on workers compensation, you could be really nervous about the possibility of your claim being denied. This is something that could happen, but you can help reduce the chances of having your workers’ compensation claim denied by following these steps.

Report the Accident and Injury Right Away

For one thing, don’t make the mistake of hesitating for days, weeks or months before you report the workplace accident. Even though you technically can do so, reporting a workplace accident a while after it happens can help increase your chances of having your case denied. The sooner that you can report the accident and any related injuries, the better.

Be Truthful

Don’t be tempted to fib about the circumstances surrounding your workplace accident or about the severity of your injury. Always be honest when filing a workers compensation claim.

Work With a Lawyer

Even though you can file a workers compensation claim on your own, it can help to have a Portland workers comp attorney to help you with each step. Don’t hesitate to work with a lawyer when you’re filing your claim. If you do end up filing on your own and get denied, contact a lawyer immediately to get help.

Keep All Relevant Information and Documentation

You might have accumulated doctor’s notes, bills from doctors or hospitals, statements from co-workers or others who might have witnessed the accident and more. Keep everything so that you can turn this document into your lawyer in case they might help your workers’ compensation case.

The potential for having your workers’ compensation case denied is definitely there, but you can reduce these chances by handling your case appropriately. A lawyer can help guide you and give you further advice about how to handle your case.