Financial Help

I do think that it is not right to console you by saying that scholastic expenses will soon come to affordable and comfortable ease. It is never going to happen and on the contrary, soon rises to an uneasy high. The problem with middle-class students is that they have to pay through their nose. Some may give up studies midway because they cannot afford to pay for it.

However, those born with a silver spoon in their mouth need not worry about it. They belong to the fortunate bracket. For students like you – who struggle hard to make both ends meet – here are some options to go for.

The first thing you can do is to make an early entry into the job market. I mean, if you can juggle your academic career and professional workloads with efficient ease, then this may be the right option for you. Set aside a part of your monthly salary to pay for your educational expenses. However, some may find it difficult to do a job while pursuing studies. They even end up scoring poor marks. Moreover, it will take you years to accumulate enough for the future and it may be quite frustrating for some.

The second option is getting financial help. And if it is not coming from a benevolent family member or a well-wisher, then the lump sum must be sourced from a lending institution. The idea is good as long as the payment period does not kick-off. The flip side is that you will be in for some uncomfortable surprises after finishing your course. Within six months of your graduation, you will have a nice figure of the pending amount. And if you delay, be prepared to pay more as the interest rate keeps on accumulating. So, this may not be the best choice for everybody.

According to me, the right option for you is to apply for different scholarships on offer. The amount of scholarships provides wide coverage of educational expenses including tuition fees, accommodation charges, bills for study materials, and many more. However, it may be a little bit difficult to be selected for such programs. Thousands of students are applying for scholarships and only a tiny percentage is allowed to avail such offers. Make sure you have an impressive academic portfolio because it is a yardstick to judge your potential. Extracurricular activities are also given due importance. You will be asked to submit the requisite details along with your application form.

The most elementary way, how to save money, is the rule of 4 envelopes!

This is a very effective method that will teach you how to properly introduce a family budget and forget about overruns.

You will learn how to correctly plan the future waste, finally, you will be able to realize your future goals and with the question: “How to save money? “You will soon say goodbye!

So, the very essence of the rules of 4 envelopes:

  • Imagine that there is a family young couple who lives in a private apartment, they have their own car borrowed! Their joint budget will be 10 000 INR per month.
  • We consider the total amount of income.
  • For example, the monthly income of a married couple is – 10 000 INR.
  • We deduct 10% of the total revenue for future financial goals, investments.
  • So, we have from 10 000 INR we count 10% = 1000 INR we save on the deposit or on the savings book.
  • Further, we count the amount for the necessary monthly expenses (internet, light, telephone, utilities, credit, etc.).
  • For example, we have enough money – 700 INR for utilities;
  • 3000 INR – partially we are extinguishing our car loan, this includes embezzlement for gasoline;
  • 500 INR – we postpone on vacation.

Now the most interesting!

We have left on hands 4800 INR. We distribute this amount for 4 envelopes (for 1200 INR each). This is the family budget for a week!

Now our energetic young family needs to try very hard not to exceed it.

The good news is that the number of scholarships has increased in recent years. Moreover, the government has a tie-up with private lenders to extend monetary help to the meritorious students. Merit plays a key role in getting financial help through scholarship programs. Such an offer ensures that you will not be deprived of higher education even if the financial barrier springs up.

Here is a list of useful tips, how to learn how to save money! We will teach you how to increase money!

Irrelevant purchases – completely kill any budget regardless of its size, money is constantly in short supply, we are used to borrowing and constantly torment ourselves with the same question: “How to save money?”

The very word “economy” does not mean at all that you will live poorly and poorly, that you will deny yourself everything and everything to just collect the necessary amount for a more necessary thing.

No, saving money means learning how to correctly and correctly distribute your budget in such a way that even a little money is enough for everything you need and that’s left for a summer vacation.