• Emergency Fund

    Quick Ways to Raise Money for Emergency Fund

    If you haven’t already opened an emergency fund then now is the right time to do so. This rainy day stash is all you need meet the requirement of an emergency situation, such as expensive medical procedure, financial crisis, or major home or auto repair. Having an emergency fund...
  • New to Bangalore? Follow These Tips to Rent a House of Your Dreams

    If there’s any one city in India that has caught the fancy of millions of people, a majority of the answers would point towards Bangalore. Pleasant climate year-round, amazing infrastructure, top-notch career opportunities, and most of all a diverse, cosmopolitan culture makes this South-Indian city one of the most...
  • Save Money

    Financial advice to Save Money

    During these times when the cost of living is quite high and the job market is becoming an easier victim of recession, most people are finding it extremely difficult to be able to handle their financial planning. If you find that your money bag is light as a feather...
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