Property Value

As you may already know, selling a house in the current housing market is challenging. The biggest challenge isn’t getting people interested in your property, however. It’s who to sell it to because there are so many buyers and very little inventory. In a healthy market where sellers have the upper hand, you may not have to go out of your way to invest in significant improvements for your home. Simple tweaks can not only reward you generously in the selling process but could also have many buyers lined up, ready to purchase your home. Here are a few landscaping hacks you can use to whip your house into shape so that you can sell it, even if you end up selling your home for cash.

Clean Your House and Pathways

Over time, the exterior of your house, including your patio and driveway, can become very dirty. Oil, grime, and other buildups can make your home less attractive. One of the best ways to dramatically change outdoors is to clean your exterior surfaces. A gentle detergent and a garden hose may be all you need to make dramatic improvements yourself. However, if your exterior surfaces have years of grime and gunk, hiring a pressure washing company may be best. They will make outstanding improvements to your outdoors in just a few hours.

Cut the Lawn

While this may seem obvious, some homeowners may forget this simple step when preparing their homes to show to buyers. Something as simple as cutting the lawn and keeping it trimmed while your house is on the market is essential for adding to your property value. When buyers see a healthy, well-kept yard, they assume that it is a safe place for their children and pets to roam. It could also have high returns for a small investment.

Trim Your Bushes

As with trees, trimming and pruning your bushes helps protect the overall structure of the bush and allows it to grow. Additionally, well-groomed bushes can help improve your curb appeal. While trimming bushes looks easy, if you don’t know how to trim them properly, you could put the health and life of the shrubs at risk. It is a better idea to hire a professional tree care or lawn care company to correctly prune and trim your bushes for the best results.

Spread the Mulch

Another budget-friendly hack that can bring you higher property value is mulching. Many types of mulch are very affordable, and you can spread it throughout your landscape liberally, giving the appearance of a well-maintained outdoor space. A beautiful, healthy outdoor space will make buyers want to see what you have to offer inside.

Make Your Windows Sparkle

Windows may not seem like a big deal. But when you have professional window cleaners remove the cobwebs, acid rain stains, dirt, and years of grime, you will see a tremendous difference. Most professionals will clean not only the glass but also the dirt that builds up around the sill and the frame. A simple window cleaning can make your windows look new.

Add Some Lighting

When making outdoor upgrades, don’t forget about the difference lighting can make. You don’t have to go all out and install an expensive outdoor lighting system either. Adding some string lights over a patio will add a nice ambiance. Or even adding some solar lighting can be all you need to improve your outdoor lighting.


A Small Investment Outdoors Can Make a Big Difference When Selling Your Home

Many homeowners think they have to pour tons of money into changing their house to get it ready to sell. However, in this current market, little things mean a lot. Since there are so many buyers and few homes available in some markets, simple updates may get as much interest from buyers as elaborate ones. In addition, these simple hacks may only cost a few hundred dollars but could add several thousand dollars to your pocket at closing.