Business Card Printing

The business card is one of the most important tools in a professional contact, the objective is to transmit and represent your company. A good business card should have much more than just your company’s name, logo, and segment. But it must also convey your values and the philosophy of your business. After all, how important is the business card for your business?

There’s an old saying

“The first impression is what lasts”. With that in mind, imagine that at an important business meeting you receive a business card printed in black and white and that it was probably printed at home. What would your first impression be? Do you believe that those big investors who have just spoken at this meeting would give such importance to this entrepreneur? As much as he made a good presentation, it’s inevitable that he doesn’t give as much professionalism when that happens.

Often, companies choose this means of communication in order to reduce costs. But, the best thing is not to present this type of material so that you don’t run the risk of putting your company’s image at stake. Remember that the business card can be your company’s first interaction with a potential customer or even a potential partner or investor.

Do you still hand out business cards? It may seem like an old practice, but they still matter a lot in the networking world. However, there are new technologies capable of integrating the digital world with the exchange of professional contact information, which eliminates the need to store large amounts of paper without being able to find anything. With the best business card printing coming from the experts you can have the best from Aura Print, the deals are perfect there.

Characteristics Of Business Cards

The business card is designed to be a small piece of paper, easy to keep in your pocket or wallet that contains basic professional contact information: name, title, telephone number, company name, email, etc.

Throughout history, card formats have evolved to be more contemporary and innovative. After all, in order to get exposure, you must distinguish yourself from the competition. Additionally, it is possible to communicate a little portion of your company’s image via the card.

See some examples of attention-grabbing cards:

Among the main uses of a business card, we can mention:

  • Let the people know what is the process to get in touch.
  • Networking and exchanging information about your business with other professionals in your field and in other fields.
  • Remind people about who you are and your business.
  • Strengthen the branding of the business.
  • Pass on credibility and demonstrate professionalism.

For you to reach each of these goals, you need to spend time thinking about the card. Format, paper, model, and layout should say something about you or your company. Also, enter the information, not forgetting the logo, and hire a good printer.

The ideal option is to hire a design professional for producing it. Also, be sure to save the original version of the card, in case any information changes, and preferably saved in the cloud. Aura print’s range is one of the largest in the UK & USA. They have been trading since 2007.

Digital Age Business Cards for You

But in the age of the digital revolution, are business cards still important? Yes. We are in a context in which the exchange of experiences and collaboration are the protagonists of development.

In addition, the globalized world proposes the union of cultures – and many of them have the business card as the main means of professional relationships. Good cards can even spark conversations (like the examples above, for example). These items “talk” about your company’s brand and cannot be left out.

Whatever the medium, it’s still essential to get your information across to those you know at events and meetings. What has changed is that now we don’t see many cardholders. Organizing them and finding them when necessary is no longer an arduous task.

These days, you can install apps that put any card in digital folders or even turn it into links to LinkedIn profiles. Here are some app tips that aim to bring your business cards into the 21st century.

How To Deliver Your Business Cards

Now that you have all the tools to make a good first impression with your business cards, all you have to do is start distributing them. First, if the card is physical, keep it free from dirt and moisture. Offering a damaged card may show a lack of organization.

If you distribute it by application, make sure the process is simple and easy, no-hassle for the other person, and no chance of mistyping names. When exchanging cards, keep the conversation personal and try to make a connection that is memorable.