Write the Perfect Essay

Whether the goal is to get financial help at your local university or to fulfill your dream of studying abroad, writing the perfect essay that argues why you deserve the scholarship is pretty much all that you’re going to want to focus on. It is for this reason that you must make sure that the text conveys your abilities and merits in the best way possible. So, without further ado, here are 7 crucial things that you need to focus on while writing your scholarship essay:

1. Write an essay aligned with the objectives of the fellowship

Some scholarships are meant for “future leaders,” like leading scientists or community service people. For this reason, you must make sure that what you write is closely linked to this vision, which shows that you are exactly what the future is looking for. You must choose which aspects of your life are relevant to the one who provides the funding. No matter how well written the text is if you transmit otherwise it is very unlikely that you will get the scholarship.

2. Answer the question

The objective of the essay is to convince the organization that you are the best choice for the scholarship. So, if the essay question is, for example, “Why do you want to study medicine?” what they really want to know is, “Do you have the potential to become an amazing doctor, and why should we give you our money?”

Remember that many people are likely to postulate from contexts and objectives similar to yours. Therefore, saying why you want to be a doctor is not enough, as everyone will say the same thing. What you must do is stand out from the rest of the candidates and prove that you are the most worthy of the prize.

3. It presents a central argument

Your essay should have – yes or no – a central argument, that is, to express a clear idea to the reader. If you are unsure about whether your essay has it, try to summarize it in a single sentence. There should be something like “Growing up in the field taught me to be an independent person” or “The treatment of addictions is the only way to win the war on drugs.” If you cannot condense your essay into a central idea, your text may not be entirely clear or that it simply lacks the main argument.

4. Show a part of your life

In addition to listing the reasons why you deserve the scholarship, you must also expose some part of your life. It is important that you focus on one aspect and not on all the facets, otherwise, your essay will lose impact. This text should not be like a resume or detail your achievements. Concentrating on just one aspect will give you more depth and provide valuable information about who you are.

5. Broadcast your passion

This essay is not like any of the ones you wrote as a student, because it is about showing what you are passionate about and why you are doing it. Make sure the subject of your essay really excites you and let your words reflect that enthusiasm.

6. Develop your achievements

You have probably already specified your qualifications and merits in detail in the application form, so it is not recommended that you repeat everything in your essay. Instead, take the opportunity to delve into one or two achievements that have really marked you, put them in context and share the true meaning they had in your life.

7. Save yourself the melodramatic story

Delving into your personal tragedies with the aim of moving the jury will hardly make you get the scholarship. Your central argument cannot be “I deserve the scholarship because I have suffered a lot in life,” since you will only be focusing on the problem and not on the solution. Focus on conveying what you have achieved despite your difficult circumstances. Remember that many candidates are likely to try to appeal to the emotion and perhaps several of them have gone through situations just as or more painful than you. Emphasize how you managed to overcome those obstacles to differentiate yourself from the rest.

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