Rental Properties in Bangalore

The recent boom in the IT companies and educational institutions in Bangalore has made it a highly sought-after destination.

If you’ve been dreading the long hours you would have to put in to find that perfect place, relax! Put an end to your dreary visits to the local broker and the endless trips to different properties, by trying some of these hacks.

Here’s why finding the place of your dreams isn’t as difficult as you think.

Realty Websites and Applications

Gone are the times when you had to physically visit each property with your broker to finalize it. Now all you need is a smartphone or a PC, and you can take a virtual tour of countless properties without even stepping out of your home. These rental property management websites and applications bring you closer to finding ideal flats without brokers.

Startups like easy to let, housing, Zenify, and CommonFloor have made their mark in the realty sector and bridged the gap between the owners and potential tenants.

These applications use a GPS system and give you a list of properties in the relevant area, which helps you reduce the time spent in mindless commuting. The no brokerage feature is a perfect add-on for most of these applications; you save some hard-earned money. Using these websites, you can access information on not just the property but also its neighborhood.

Your Knowledgeable Co-Workers

If you work in a company that boasts of a large number of the immigrant population (that’s every company in Bangalore!), you would stumble upon a listing or two through the acquaintances there.

Companies like Infosys and TCS actually circulate property rental emails that keep the employees updated about nearby listings. Some offices have contacts with builders or informal groups that can set you up with a temporary residence till you find a better one.

Budget-Friendly Options

No matter what your budget is, there’s a piece of property for you.

The real estate market in Bangalore is at an all-time high. There are numerous ready-to-possess properties out there, and even more, are under construction.

Having a clear idea of your budget will help narrow down the locality and area of the property, and give you a clear idea about its affordability. When you hunt for property online, you eliminate the brokerage fee and minimize your expenditure. Most often the deposits — ranging between 6 to 10 months of your rent — are negotiable, and can be brought down to suit your financial capability.

Before you finalize your budget, don’t forget to include bills like electricity, society maintenance charges, water charges, and annual maintenance charges.

Easy Possession

Once you’ve reviewed the property and the locality, taking possession of the flat is just a bit of paperwork away.

Make sure that your rental agreement mentions all the discussed clauses clearly and you bring up any unresolved issues before you sign up on one. Mentioning the deductions from the deposit and the tenure (usually 10-12 months) in your agreement would save you from a lot of potential trouble later. Move-in on the date mentioned in the agreement; this will put you in the right cycle of the monthly rent.

Convenient Evacuation

You can either evacuate the property when your tenure is over or renew the rental agreement to extend your stay. With Bangalore’s huge floating population, homeowners are used to frequent evacuations. This means that things like returning your security deposit are done without too much fuss.

We hope these points make house hunting a less daunting task for you to find flats on rent in Bangalore. Comment below to let us know how easy/difficult it was for you to find your apartment here.